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Walkway Paver Sealing

Walkway paver sealing

Beauty meets functionality 

Much like our work on driveways, pool decks, and patios, our same process applies to walkways. An ever-increasing number of Florida homeowners are turning to brick paving​ for their walkways since they represent an excellent investment as they add such a high aesthetic value to your home or business. In our experience, this is not always a large surface area as a pool deck or patio.

Many homeowners, with larger homes especially, are opting for brick paved walkways around their house, creating an elegant pathway for guests, family and friends to use to get around the backyard.

And brick-paved walkways are stable, particularly when joint sand is locked in. Even heavy contractor equipment, like drive-on lawn mowers, use all those walks to get to the back of the house without worry of sink age or generating undulations in the pavers since they are held so in place.​

​A sealed walkway is protected against scuffing, scratches, stains, and other debris caused by contractors or guests coming in and out of your house, giving you the peace of mind that they will be easy to maintain and clean up in the long term.

Let us take care of the clean-up for you.

Are you tired of those unsightly weeds, roots, and pests messing up your walkways? Our pressure washing equipment is so powerful and effective that we can blow out any debris in your pavers, including all of the old joint sand and any algae or mold, weeds, ants nests - you name it. We leave the entire hardscape perfectly clean and sterilized before we move on to our sanding process.

​Don't worry about weeding your pavers one last time before we arrive - our pressure washing team will take care of all of that for you. And while we cannot guarantee that weeds will never come back (this is Florida, after all), our cleaning, sanding, and sealing process is so effective that you should be given a reprieve for at least six months. We say this because airborne weed spores can land in the joints and sprout from the top of the joint sand, so this is something to look out for in terms of ongoing maintenance.

For a free estimate, to learn more about our process and the products we use, or for any other questions related to paver sealing, drop us a line through our contact page or call us at (813) 669-7433​!

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