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A sealed brick paver driveway provides an outstanding boost to your home's curb appeal. There's really no feeling like driving onto your newly sealed (after curing!) brick driveway, stepping out and seeing how clean, sharp and elegant it looks with that pristine joint sand and attractive sheen from the topcoat.

Your neighbors will ask you who you hired to get it done, and we hope you'll get them to call us too! In fact, while we do have an online presence, the majority of our business comes from referrals. Neighbors and passers-by are so impressed with the transformation -- especially if we're cleaning and sealing older driveways with substantial dirt, grime and weeds -- that they can't  help but ask who did it, and they inevitably ​want theirs done, too!

More than just beauty alone.

Once you have us clean, sand and seal your driveway, not only will you be thrilled with the way it looks, but you will have the peace of mind that you just invested in the long term health of your hardscape. Our certified cleaning, sanding and sealing process ensures that the sand we wash into the joints is sealed and locked in hard, delivering outstanding joint stability. This carries numerous benefits, including preventing rain from washing out the substrate which inevitably leads to sink age, and those tightly locked joints work well to inhibit pests such as ants and weeds, which are a real nuisance in the Florida climate.

​Our process also helps to enhance the color of your pavers, giving them an even greater aesthetic benefit in addition to the sheen provided by the topcoat. And we even offer the option of adding a tint to the sealer, which is more commonly requested for pavers that have some differentiation in tones; this enables us to provide a greater uniformity of color across the surface. Tints are available in brown, tan, red and grey. For more information about our

driveway cleaning and sealing process or to request a free estimate, contact us today at (813) 669-7433

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