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At Northdale Paver Sealing, we know how important it is to you that your outdoor space looks fantastic. You invested a lot of money in laying brick pavers to create a beautiful patio that once looks pristine, but as the years have gone by and you've shown it some neglect, the Florida elements have taken their toll and now you see it looking aged, weathered, and full of weeds. Well do not worry! These are the kinds of situations that we thrive upon, and we take great pleasure in seeing the look on our customers’ faces after we leave them with a beautifully sealed patio Services to show off to their friends and family. There's nothing quite like sitting out on your newly cleaned and sealed patio enjoying a coffee or a glass of wine, reading a book and taking in the beautiful Florida sunshine. Make sure you give your patio the protection it deserves with our certified cleaning, re-sanding and sealing process.

It's not all about beauty

Our process ensures your pavers are locked tightly in place and that the surface is protected against moisture, stains, and other elements that can seriously damage unsealed pavers over time. And those locked-in joints will also prevent the rain from washing out the substrate, which inevitably leads to subsidence - low spots in your patio that are extremely unsightly and can even become a trip hazard. 

One of the great pleasures of living in Florida is that the spring and fall weather is so spectacular that it makes entertaining and being outside an absolute joy, spending time with family, friends, and guests. One of the best places to do that is your patio, so you want to make sure it looks fantastic whenever that entertaining moment comes around. An additional benefit of having a beautifully cleaned, sanded, and sealed patio is that any games you may want to play will feel and look so much better on a nicely sealed surface. 

Are you concerned about slipping? We get asked this question a lot. In most cases, our sealant does not make brick pavers more slippery. However, there are cases when this can happen, such as with less porous travertine pavers, so the sealant creates what can turn out to be a slick coating on the surface. In this case, we add a non-slip polymer to the sealant, which ensures that you and your family are safe when those pavers get wet.​​

If you would like a free estimate or even just to learn more about our process, our products, our pricing or anything else, contact us today using the contact form on this website or call us at (813) 669-7433.

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